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Services, support and maintenance of hardware parts

The support you need for your IBM and Lenovo hardware

The Hardware Maintenance Service of Tecnoav allows its customers to have an infrastructure composed of processes, qualified human talent, tools, parts and spare parts oriented to a problem of problem detection in advance, but also reacted and solved a problem in the minor possible time in order to minimize the impact that can have on the client in his daily operation.

Our specialists with more than 30 years in technical support, computer functionalities, advanced analytics, parts red and global presence help you to prevent the proactive form of downtime and keep your systems running.

Your IT environment may be complex, but support does not have to be.

Boost productivity Increase results through TECNOAV integrated proactive support and flexible distribution options, such as on-site or remote assistance. Tecnoav provides Programmed Preventive Maintenance, which consists of executing routines for testing, diagnosing, reviewing and tuning the equipment to maintain its operation and minimize unexpected interruptions in the Customer’s operation.

Beat the competition with ingenuity Apply our experience to transform your infrastructure, which is more resilient, powerful, flexible and profitable.

  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM Systems Storage
  • Lenovo computers

Prevent and resolve problems quickly with hardware services 24 hours a day, backed by IBM product experience, global support infrastructure

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